How to increase a member in the household: a simple exercise

The Penis is a sensitive organ. To its reduction in size, it is possible during any other two months. You surprise, is this information? Just use a narrow averaging means sexual satisfaction: be it a young girl or tight pressure hand.

Firstly, it is necessary to define the average size of the penis, to critically take your own. It is 13-16 cm long and 3 – in diameter for a representative of the Caucasoid race. If the value of your fighter fits into this framework – it is necessary to think carefully before embarking on the following procedures.

How to increase penis at home?

penis enlargement

So, how to increase member at home? The most effective methods are:

  • jelcing;
  • massage;
  • of the cleaning head;
  • stretching of the goods;
  • gels, medications, vacuum pumps, which are less effective, used in the complex with the main techniques.

And most importantly, what you need to know at the beginning of the exercises for penis enlargement: the current result you get. And in addition, after performing regular exercise, you can lose all the achievements, produced in a durable building self-esteem.

Let's see how to increase a member in the household and on what they are based on known techniques.

Jelcing. How it works?

The principle of extending the inches using jelqing is universal for all massage techniques this delicate sphere. It comes to stretching the cavernous bodies, which are the structure of the penis. Increases their diameter will increase the volume of blood to fill during an erection. And this in turn means creating the size alone of his majesty's penis.

Jelcing. Exercise 1

How to increase a member in a domestic environment with the help of jelqing? First, the cavernous bodies need to warm up for the increase of their elasticity. To do this you need to warm up on a frying pan cooks salt, or any cereal. Pour the contents of the pan in a tip (of course, clean and dry, and not the one that was on one of the legs is at this moment), to be paid directly to the member. You must try to heat up the entire surface of the member provided the content of the improvised heater evenly.

Then proceed to the milking — exactly translates the word "jelcing". First of all, we present you something spicy, the ability to encourage our hero. To be zealous is not necessary: we only need 40-50 percent erection. It is needed for the partial fulfillment of the cavernous structures of the blood and will take in the implementation of the mechanical action on the member.

Furthermore, we evaluate the penis any lubricant is to reduce the irritating to his sensitive skin.

Now, at the same time, it embraces him from the very base of the compound in a dense ring fingers, the same "ring" to move the blood to the head, squeeze the easy movement along the penis. The density of the compression of the fingers is determined individually, on the basis of sensations: the pain doesn't have to be, but the tension should be high. Movement must be slow (up to 35 seconds), with a small pulling down. To the head is not touched. Repeat the exercise.

The direction of movement it is necessary to change: down, left, right, up.

The duration of the procedure for the first time, better to limit the 40-50-yu approaches. It is further recommended to increase their number to two hundred-three hundred. Who became a pro jelqing representatives of the stronger sex allowed and a half of exercise a day!

Exercise 2

This exercise stretches the cavernous bodies by increase in blood pressure. For this, we take member the entire surface of the palms, we perform compression, holding not less than ten seconds. If palm doesn't belong to the entire surface of the "heroes", it is permissible to use the second. Compressible, without fanaticism, so as not to injure the blood vessels and cavernous structures. A Retard member to the above destinations.

With proper implementation of treatments and regular exercise, massage, the result is able to surprise even the owner of the extended penis. At least 2 cm of appreciation for a one-month exercise expect can. Combination with other techniques increases the efficiency of the action.

How to increase a member extender

It is one of the most effective ways of increase of a member — use of the device with the confusing name of the "extender".

Looks like two rings, connected between them by sliding metal or plastic rods. Establishing that a member of the one ring at the root, the other the same – head "warrior", regularly increases the distance between them by increasing the length of the bars, we wear constantly, in the course of the month. Due to the lightness and small extender its wearing will not cause discomfort. To remove, give us a call an erection, is measured. The results more tangible: from three inches more length. Fix, we carry on.

Extender. The principle of

exercises for penis enlargement

How to increase a member in a domestic environment with the help of the extender? Stretched member between the rings forcing it to stretch its structure, and also induces increased growth of tissues, because the body tries to get rid of uncomfortable for him, tension starting growth of the cells for compensation of the scarce tissue. Brilliant – just.

Difference penis enlargement extender from all other methods is guaranteed and timeless result. It is the massive dimensions of the "heroes" will remain forever.

There are several types of attachments:

  • vacuum;
  • the lumbar;
  • etc.

The most comfortable are considered to be the vacuum and the abdominal attachment, which is repeated the same enjoys great popularity due to lower costs, and, despite some soreness. Every power of the phallus god chooses itself how to enlarge the penis, based on your own inference. Get these helpful appliances it is possible in online stores, as well as in any sex-trade of the country.

The same principle, but free

On the basis of the same principle works in turn a member of the consignments, which are added to it. The efficiency is not so high because of rarely more activities, than with the extender.

At the head of a member it is necessary to consolidate the wide width of the band-aid securely recorded drawstring. To the ends of the lace attaches the cargo: initially small, time and amount of treatments is growing. The action is better performed in the sitting position, no longer than fifteen minutes for the first session. In the subsequent duration of the exercise and the weight of the load is gradually increased. And do not let it numb the head! Do not remove the regular band-aid, which allows you to little friend rest.

Penis enlargement via medicinal products, gels and ointments

Is it real? How is it possible to enlarge penis using ointments? In general, in any case. The principle of their operation is very primitive: the increase of blood flow into the penis organ. It is not longer two hours, with small exceptions. Increase a small family it does not bring.

And with medicines, a little more effective than gels, it is necessary vigilance. They are based on hormones. It is fraught with unpleasant consequences. In addition, these drugs can lead to hyper - sexuality. Is not bad in itself, but in the context of hormonal disorders can bring a lot of problems.