Penis enlargement methods

But the real evidence of the men prove that with the help of special exercises and the gym, to increase member it is still possible. Folk remedies for penis enlargement are qualitatively different from those offered by manufacturers of different drugs and a special stretcher.

In the composition of special herbal extracts and decoctions contains only natural ingredients that do not harm the organs of detoxification. In today's peer-reviewed publication of the safest ways to increase the phallus of the god, with whose help you can change the diameter and length of the sexual organ, but also the hardness.

The opinion of experts

how to enlarge penis

Maybe he has penis enlargement folk remedies? Experts in the field of reproductive medicine and andrology sure that the most fundamental way of correction of the size of the reproductive organ is made of plastic. However, they do not exclude the use of alternative sources with the aim of thickening and lengthening a man's penis.

As it turned out, even with the help of decoctions and herbal extracts based on medicinal herbs and certain foods can increase a member for about 2-3 see to understand why this is happening, it is necessary to take into account some features of the structure and functioning of the male reproductive organs.

The Penis is composed of muscle tissue, spongy structures (cavernous body) and the blood vessels. During the puberty period in a boy's body begins to appear a large amount of male hormones that stimulate the development of reproductive organ. Again the lack of testosterone in the blood negatively affects the growth of tissues, resulting in the parameters of the phallus is undergoing subtle changes. But if in mature age, for a long time to use growth stimulators, over time, will inevitably lead to elongation and thickening of the penis.

Folk medicine offers several effective ways to trim the volume and length of the penis. Manual therapy is more focused on the improvement of microcirculation of blood in the groin, which is recovering trofika tissue. Acceleration of metabolism and mechanical stretching of the penis carries with it the formation of new textile elements in the corpora cavernosa bodies. And this in turn eventually leads to the lengthening and thickening of the reproductive organ.

Ways of penis enlargement

According to the experienced men, the enlargement of the penis folk remedies – the easiest and safest method of correction of the size of the sexual organ. The success of the therapy depends largely on the regularity of the use of these or other stimulants of growth. The most effective folk methods of penis enlargement include:

  • herbal medicine;
  • also contains cargo;
  • manual therapy (self-massage);
  • vacuum vacuum;
  • healthy eating.

To achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to combine several ways of correction of the penis. When it is appropriate to listen to the advice of experienced men, and strictly follow all the rules for the implementation of physiotherapy practice.

It is necessary to remember that improper execution of the exercise is fraught with violation of blood circulation in the penis and damage to the tissues.

As a result, it may lead to sexual disorders or reduce the sensitivity of the head of the phallus of the god.


Special complexes of exercises to increase sexual member, but only in the case of the regular venue of the manual therapy. During class going on stretching the tissue of the tunic which surrounds the cavernous bodies. Over time, the cavity filled with new structural elements, which increases and the length, and the diameter of the shaft of the penis.

Before the how to enlarge penis by exercise, it is advisable to pre-heat the tissue in the groin area, to increase their flexibility. To do this, you can use the bags, filled with hot salt or warming compresses. Improves blood circulation, it is possible to safely stretch fabric, without fear of damaging them. During self-massage is recommended to perform the following set of exercises:

  • holding the head of the phallus of the god, pull to the right, lingering in the extreme position for 1 minute;
  • similarly, pull up the sexual organ to the left;
  • grasp the member in the vicinity of the establishment;
  • slow direct movement of push blood closer to the glans of the penis;
  • repeat the exercise at least 10-15 times, after which mash the penis to restore blood circulation.

To improve the sliding of the fingers on the trunk of the phallus of the god, apply a small amount of massage oil or vaseline.

Performing exercises for penis enlargement, it is necessary to "listen" to your body. During the self-massage in the member does not have to experience discomfort and feelings of pain. Extend the phallus to 3-4 cm, do the massage at least 3 times a day during half of the year.


People's general practitioner in itself contains no less than 100 different receptors for the preparation of infusions and herbal extracts, which can increase the length and the diameter of the reproductive organ. As claimed by the followers of folk medicine, herbal teas, has a beneficial effect on erectile function and stimulate the body's production of male hormones. Definitely enlarge the penis using special means, as a raw material for the preparation of decoctions is recommended to use the following herbs:

  • ginseng root – inhibits the synthesis of cortisol, which inhibits the body's production of male hormones;
  • tribulus – stimulates the body's production of specific hormones that contribute to the release into the blood circulation of testosterone;
  • wormwood – improves the tone of blood vessels, which is strengthened by improving the blood supply to the penis during erection;
  • ginger root – decreases in the body cholesterol and prevents blockage of the dorsal arteries of the special plates;
  • the juice of aloe – normalizes metabolic processes in the tissues, and thus accelerates the process of formation of new structural units of the erectile tissue.

Important! Before the use of folk medicine, consult your doctor, because some herbs may cause allergic reactions and nausea.

With the help of folk remedies can affect not only the parameters of the reproductive organ, but also increase male fertility. In addition, the use of folk recipes cooking biostimulators, can affect the strength of an erection right before intercourse. Herbal decoctions increase sexual stamina and stimulate the maximum filling of the cavernous bodies with blood.

Vacuum vacuum

gadgets for penis enlargement

What means it is possible to quickly increase the volume of the phallus god? Vacuum therapy is the most reliable and effective method of increasing the reproductive organ. Traditionally for thickening trunk penis use so-called vacuum pumps. The essence of their work lies in the creation of low pressure around the sexual organ, the result is that in the tissue is literally "drawn" a large amount of blood. So happens to stretching the cavernous bodies of the member, which makes its diameter increases on 1-2 see

To do such a vacuum pump you can from the make-shift means. Using the tips men, such as vacuum pump easy you can use a normal glass container. "Works" on the principle of medical cans, of which the means of a burning wick shunted portion of the heated air. This in turn leads to a decrease in atmospheric pressure inside the container. Folk method can be used not only in the treatment of colds diseases, but also with the aim to enlarge the volume of the penis.

How to use the bank for penis enlargement, you must do the following:

  • wash the glass with a volume of 1 liter in a solution of detergent;
  • dip alcohol small piece of cotton wool;
  • burning candy to throw to the bottom of the bank;
  • enter into the hole the banks of the penis;
  • firmly press the bank on the pubic area.

Within a few seconds fleece to go out, and dolled up the air in her cool and starts to choke. The atmospheric pressure will be lower than the environment. In this regard, the tissues of the penis quickly begin to fill with blood, provoking the thrust of the corpora cavernosa contacts Using folk methods of penis enlargement, we must not forget about own safety. To prevent injury to the tissues, burn off just a small piece of fleece. In the opposite case, one cannot exclude the emergence of burns on the surface of the sexual organ.

Also includes cargo

Also includes cargo – the most simple and effective folk method of lengthening the phallus of the god. As weighting we recommend the use of bottles, filled with water. Before you lift the load, it is necessary to pre-heat the tissue of the sexual organ of those ways which have been described above. During performing exercises it is necessary to strictly adhere to the following rules:

  • comfortable to sit on the edge of the bed, a little with his legs apart;
  • wrap the trunk member in the head region of the flexible bandage;
  • secure the bandage material elastic band;
  • write on a bottle of ordinary water;
  • one end of the rope link neck of the bottle, and the second – on the metal surface of the body of the terminal;
  • secure the collar on top of the elastic bandage and slowly stand up; stretch member is not more than 10-15 minutes a day.

According to practical observations, folk remedies for penis enlargement is less effective than the traditional ways which are recognized by modern medicine. However, the increases a member of the folk techniques, you will not risk to jeopardize your health, which can not be said about the use of hormonal drugs, and supplements of questionable quality.

Means for penis enlargement

If a man requires a means to enlarge the penis, him not to worry: the drug produces a lot of resources, which is able to actually change the dimensions of the reproductive organ without surgery. It is necessary only to choose a drug that does not have contraindications, to match the specificities of the exact your body.

Pills and drugs

To resolve the problem related to weak erection of male primacy, which is subject to different pills, as well as other various products that contribute to the increase of the penis in all directions.

Important! In addition to the main purpose of these funds increase libido, eliminate the likelihood of premature ejaculation, it is guaranteed that they provide a sensitive protracted erection.

In search of a solution to the problem, you need to understand, what means to increase a member, is not cause side effects. Carefully look at the ointment, made both on natural and synthetic basis.

Although the industry produces many different creams, for the correction of the size of the penis, not each vehicle safely and efficiently. The analysis of the rating men, we have compiled a list that includes the best funds in this category. Some provide a temporary effect, others have a long action, but require regular use.

Apply the cream is very simple: first, make yourself familiar with the instructions, to make decisions with the desired right dose, and then apply the necessary amount of the resource on the trunk of the penis and perform a move, how to massage, to rub into the skin cream. Rush is not needed, perform a careful and gentle movements, but intense. Thanks to this, the member will not be an injury, the active components of the cream qualitatively fulfilled in his tissue.

Almost all of the gels, designed to increase the size of the male dignity, similar to the composition of the raw materials. Contain active components, which differ in a warming or energizing effect. Concentration is minimal, because of the strong effect it is able to cause complications in the form of swelling, rashes, itching and burns. The use of the gel it is necessary to carefully follow the instructions.

For a guaranteed increase in the size of reproductive organ recommend the use of subcutaneous injections. Distributed as two options for penis enlargement:

  • the use of hyaluronic acid;
  • lipofilling.

Let's discuss every possibility of such a manipulation.

Hyaluronic acid

This injectable treatment offers the introduction under the skin of the penis special fillers, a foundation that acts as a hyaluronic acid. These materials are completely compatible with human tissue.

This method of increasing the size of male dignity is very convenient, because it does not require hospitalization and general anesthesia. The recovery period is brief, the later few days the man is able to lead your normal sex life, although hopes for a permanent effect is not required.


penis enlargement

If a man fears to enter under the skin of the penis synthetic materials, will suit him, another method – lipofilling. Enlargement of the body is achieved through the introduction under the skin of the member's own fat layer, extracted from another part of the male body. The undoubted advantage of this procedure – the relative permanence of the achieved effect and harmlessness.

Folk remedies

Quite a few effective means of offers and non-traditional medicine for the growth of male virtues:

  • Thyme. The plant is to be sanded, then cooking and leave associated with recovery. Use the ready means must be four months, he drinks it on an empty stomach and before bedtime.
  • Garlic. Pour rubbing alcohol finely chopped garlic, thoroughly mix the ingredients, leave it for the associated with recovery of ten days. Then drink a day 25 drops of tincture 3 months.
  • The seeds of wormwood. It is necessary to pour water, then simmer for 10 minutes, drain. After it has cooled down, drink fluids.
  • The leaves of ginkgo, hawthorn and ginseng. Prepare a decoction of these ingredients, RUB it daily on the penis.
  • Butter, chopped asparagus and milk mix in the liquid, add a little bit of turnip and carrot seed, place the capacity to fire, waiting to obtain a thick consistency. The resulting ointment to RUB in a skin of a member.

It is the most popular recipes of alternative therapies, which help to increase the genitals of men. But the possibilities of herbal treatments are endless, and you can choose another effective decoction, prepared from medicinal plants.